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Mace® Triple Action Police Pepper Spray

(3 customer reviews)

Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Contains 20 bursts with a spray range of 12 feet, but always replace or refill after use

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Mace® Triple Action Police Pepper Spray protects you with a 3-in-1 formula of pepper spray, tear gas and UV dye for powerful protection. Housed in a durable case that’s tough enough for law enforcement, this police pepper spray provides defense you can trust.

You don’t need to make a direct hit to the eyes, nose, or mouth for a strong defense. The unique, highly-concentrated combination of pepper spray, tear gas and UV dye quickly takes effect to give you the upper hand.

  • 3-in-1 formula includes tear gas to cause profuse tearing, shortness of breath, and disorientation
  • UV dye leaves a long-lasting residue to support investigation and identification

Compact and easy to carry, all you have to do is grab your spray and go. And, thanks to reliable safety controls, there’s no need to stress about accidental misfires.

  • Flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge
  • Finger-grip design for optimal targeting accuracy
  • Built-in keychain for fast and easy access

Triple Action Police Pepper Spray is ready if and when you need it. Simply put your thumb under the flip-top safety cap and press down on the actuator button to spray.

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3 reviews for Mace® Triple Action Police Pepper Spray

  1. Steven Johnson

    Great product, I was attacked by a flaming meth head and it knocked him out in seconds.

  2. Michael Porter

    “Many consumers mentioned that they didn’t try this product because they didn’t have to, and that I hope it works”””” was their response.
    I didn’t spray it directly into my eyes because that would be dumb, but I did spray it outside as directed to ensure it wasn’t clogged or malfunctioning.
    It does go the 10 feet it is intended to go, and I rushed back inside spraying it into the wind rather than against it to avoid getting any in my system…I can actually feel it in my throat and eyes, and the stream never came close to me…IT WORKS!!!”

  3. Greg Arnold

    I looked for the ideal spray. I wanted one that would attach to my keys so that I could pull out my keys and have the spray in my hand before leaving a building. This design appeals to me because it has a small chain that can be attached to your existing key chain. I put the spray to the test outside. It’s simple to use and sprays exactly how it should. I’ve never had to use it, but based on my test spray, it appears to be effective.

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