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Mace® Brand Pepper Gun 2.0

(6 customer reviews)

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The Mace® Brand Pepper Gun 2.0 provides distance defense with convenient point-and-shoot accuracy. The advanced delivery system sprays a power stream of OC pepper up to 20 feet away and from any angle. Refill the Pepper Gun with easy-to-load cartridges. DUAL MODE LED light distracts your attacker and helps aim at your target in the dark. Engage the trigger once to activate the steady LED flashlight feature. Engage the trigger a second time for the pulsating LED strobe. Comes with a OC Pepper Cartridge and a Water Practice Cartridge. Integrated Picatinny rail allows you to attach accessories to your Pepper Gun.

(3) x 1.5V AG13/LR44 batteries included.

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6 reviews for Mace® Brand Pepper Gun 2.0

  1. David Graham

    I work in real estate and needed non-lethal security against robbery and animals (mostly large dogs as I specialize in vacant foreclosures in Detroit.) I also bought a holster, which makes the Mace gun look like a genuine handgun when worn freely on my hip. When I’m in a sketchy neighborhood, I like to use this as a visual deterrent because I’m frequently contacted by individuals asking for money or inquiring about houses, and I don’t want to appear to be an easy target. I’ll eventually receive my CCW permit, but until then, I’m more than happy with this product. The water test cartridge was also a good touch since it allows me to assess the product’s efficiency before I need to use it.

  2. Jefferey Bones

    This is something I really like. As a weapon, it is my first option. The terror of a large gun-like object can sometimes be enough… Mine was painted black. Shoots a 15-foot torrent of water. The pressure in the test cartridges is the same as in the genuine ones. It’s a fantastic tool to have on hand.

  3. Clarles Simpson

    This is a fantastic device. With the practice water cartridge, you can obtain roughly 4 to 5 long shots, which is a great non-lethal approach to protect oneself from a distance. To get a feel for how something works, I recommend practicing first.

  4. Paul Braddock

    I got my nonlethal weapon and couldn’t wait to put it to the test. I went into the garage, turned off the light, and put the LED Target light to the test. Both the strobe and flashlight trigger choices were effective. On to the gun’s water cartridge shooting test. I drew the trigger after releasing the safety. Nice first shot, with at least a 15-foot stream. The second shot was more accurate, with a beautiful strong stream. I’ll be very delighted with my purchase if the pepper cartridge is as effective as the water cartridge when fired.

  5. Tony Roth

    I used this stuff today to repel a charging Doberman pincher, who did a 180° turn and sprinted away at the same speed as he was charging after one spray to the face.
    As a pistol instructor and conceal carry instructor I found this handgun to be very easy to use and natural to point and shoot. Every time I go for a walk, I carry this. With one hand, I was able to shoot this charging beast while keeping my dog protected with the other. This is an excellent product, and I strongly advise you to use it. I also recommend that you practice with the water can to gain a feel for how to pull the trigger. Muscle memory is the best type of training.

  6. Michale Olden

    I’ve used all of Mace Security’s pepper guns, including the Gen 1, Gen 2, and this one (Technically Gen 3). I’ve used it to defend myself countless times and it’s always worked the way I intended it to.
    It’s a much less expensive option than TAZER, and I prefer it because of the ease with which it can be learned and the space it provides between you and a possible attacker. For security guards and family members who desire a viable and effective defensive alternative, I highly recommend the Mace pepper gun.

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