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Covert Stun Master 9,000,000 volt Stun Gun Flashlight

(8 customer reviews)


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The Covert Stun Master Stun Gun Flashlight is a great addition to your arsenal for self defense. The hidden probes make it look like it is just an ordinary 120 Lumen flashlight. If given the chance this ordinary-looking flashlight will light you up and will pump 9,000,000 volts right into any attacker. This stun gun flashlight has 4.7 milliamps of current depending on the freshness of the batteries. It is rechargeable in 2 ways. It can be charged with the supplied wall charger and a cigarette lighter adapter so it can be charged on the go. It comes with a standard wrist strap and has a rubberized coating to help secure a firm grip. 7¼” x 1½”

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8 reviews for Covert Stun Master 9,000,000 volt Stun Gun Flashlight

  1. Lisa Stevens

    Absolutely Loved It!!!

    I purchased seven of them for friends and family, and I strongly suggest them. I take mine with me on my morning dog walk and keep it near my bed for safety. While I haven’t had to use it on anyone, the individuals for whom I purchased it did, and it was a success. They tried out the stun function, and it instantly knocked the victim out. I will continue to purchase them as gifts!!

  2. Paul T.

    This was purchased for my college going daughter. In the women’s washroom on campus, she was cornered by a male. This stuff works…she tried it on two of her male friends with large guys, and the zap knocked one of them to the ground. She is happy with the purchase.

  3. Susan Brennan

    The greatest stun gun on the market. The double safety feature is fantastic. I don’t have to be concerned about it mistakenly going off. The stun gun flashlight combo is both practical and effective.

  4. Alice Taylor

    This gadget is simply amazing. I bought this as a gift for all of my female friends who have to work in the dark and need to feel safe and confident. I bought one for my mother, who is 84 years old. The flashlight is bright and the batteries last a long time. It’s frightening to be shocked by an electrical current, and it’s not fun to be shocked. This isn’t a toy at all! Excellent self-defense weapon.

  5. Carlos Reeves

    For self-defense, I bought this for my wife. I’m aware that there are countless videos on the internet saying that stun guns don’t work, and there is some truth in the fact that some people are more resistant to them than others. However, I can attest that, if nothing else, the noise and light produced by this device is enough to make me think twice about approaching it.

  6. Thomas Soto

    I drive a truck, and 90% of the time, just a single discharge is enough to deter most hostile attitudes. Because it’s non-lethal, folks know you’re going to use it! In practice, it will disorient a huge person for long enough for them to flee a dangerous situation; sadly, it will not drop them like a high-priced unit, but it is effective for its intended purpose. I primarily utilize it for my evening walk-around inspection.

  7. William Hosey

    “Well, it’s a lot better than I had anticipated. You’d think that for the price, you’d get what you paid for. The flashlight is bright, and the taser is rather powerful. I am truly grateful for what I have.
    With this on me, I feel safe walking at night. I don’t leave the house without it anymore.”

  8. Charlotte Adams

    I love this flashlight since it makes me feel safe, is robust, and performs well. Very strong, and the led light is excellent for night vision. It’s fantastic that I can use it to defend myself.

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